How to make a simple iPad stand

I made this iPad stand with a scrap of finished 10 mm particle board but you can make it with a different thickness or you can use real wood and give it a nice finish.  It has just two pieces that interlock.  Mine are tight enough that they do not need glue and I can separate them and reassemble them but if your joints are a bit loose then you can add some glue and/or a strip of wood at the back to reinforce the angle.  It is very simple to make.

ipad stand
The two notches cut in the sides of the small piece are the same thickness as the wood being used.  The two 55 mm wide notches in the large piece need to be cut perfectly parallel to the edge that forms the "legs" or the stand will not sit squarely on the flat table surface.  You can do like I did and fine tune it by filing until it is square.

ipad stand
As originally built the plastic cover of the iPad rests on the shelf.  I later added two strips of wood separated about 6 mm from the back.  This way the iPad itself rests on the strips of wood and the plastic cover fits behind them.  If you want to make it high-class luxury you can add two strips of cloth or velvet over the strips of wood so the iPad rests on them.

ipad stand
The central notch allows the iPad to be connected and charging while on the stand.
In this photo, before I added the two strips of wood, you can see the back cover of the iPad resting on the shelf and supporting the weight of the iPad.