The Chronicles
of a
Gay Gordon


Brig.-General J.M. Gordon. C.B.

Cassell and Company, Limited, London


General Jose Maria Gordon Prendergast




By Way of Introduction
Genealogical Table



 1. My Scots-Spanish Origin
 2. My Schooling
 3. A Frontier Incident
 4. First War Experience
 5. My Meetings With King Alfonso
 6. With Don Carlos Again
 7. My First Engagement
 8. Soldiering in Ireland
 9. Unruly Times in Ireland
Awaiting transcription:
10. Sport in Ireland
11. A Voyage to New Zealand
12. A Maori Meeting
13. An Offer From The Governor Of Tasmania
14. I Become a Newspaper Proprietor
15. A Merchant, Then an Actor
16. As Policeman in Adelaide
Military Appointments and Promotions


 1. Soldiering in South Australia
 2. Polo,Hunting and Steeplechasing
 3. The Russian Scare and its Results
 4. The Soudan Contingent
 5. A Time of Retrenchment
 6. My Vision Fulfilled
 7. The Great Strikes
 8. The Introduction of "Universal Service" and Two Voyages Home
 9. Military Adviser to the Australian Colonies in London
10. Off to the South African War
11. With Lord Roberts in South Africa
12. In Command of a Mounted Column
13. Some South African Reminiscences



 1. Organizing the Commonwealth of Australia
 2. Commandant of Victoria
 3. Commandant of New South Wales
 4. Lord Kitchener's Visit to Australia
 5. The American Naval Visit
 6. Chief of the General Staff

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