Logitech misrepresent their products

I bought a Logitech Quickcam Express which is advertised as "640 x 480 pixels" (307200 pixels) and found out this is not the case at all. In reality the camera captures at a maximum of 352 x 288 (101376) pixels which is less than one third of the claimed resolution.

I wrote Logitech and their response was

"The information on the website states that the Quickcam Express can capture and image of "up to" 640x480 pixels, not that the sensor itself has this as a native resolution. The Quickcam express uses a CIF sensor which can be extrapolated using software to 640x480, obviously you will lose some quality in a larger image."

which is clearly misleading the customer. Nowhere do they mention the native resolution while they mention the misleading "640x480" in several places.

I have a much older Kodak DVC323 and it does not work well with Netmeeting because there are no good drivers for it but it does take photos in native 640x480 and the quality is *much* better.

I bought the Logitech Quickcam Express camera cheaply in eBay and it works well for my purposes so I am not sorry to have purchased it but Logitech's marketing is clearly deceptive.

On the other hand they could have capitalised on the fact that the native resolution of 352x288 is what NetMeeting uses in "large" size and so it works well with NetMeeting. But when using Logitech's capture software the options are 320x240 and 640x480. In the first case the original picture of 352x288 is cropped down to 320x240 so a bit is lost around the edges but the quality is still reasonably good. But in the second case, the original 352x288 is enlarged to 640x480 which results in *very* poor quality.

Buyer beware.