The Giant and the Flea

    The Giant was bitten by a flea while he was sleeping and he woke up mighty angry. His friends recommended some itch ointment but the Giant was yelling about how he was going to exterminate fleas from the face of the Earth by stomping on them one by one with his heavy boots. He was in a *very* bad temper that day and the rest of the world prudently stood back. No one wanted to cross paths with the angry Giant.
    The Giant went around threatening everybody in sight, even those who were his friends, even those who hated fleas and might help him get rid of fleas. The Giant was in a *really* bad mood that morning.
    The Giant wanted to make it clear he was the boss and not to be fooled with. He would teach the world a lesson! So, when he came across a cat he kicked the cat with all his might and said to the world "This is how I treat tigers! Beware!". Everyone took another step back. No one wanted to cross paths with this irrational creature.
    But, unexpectedly, the now angry cat jumped on the Giant's back and sank its claws into it. It would not let go! And the Giant was walking around with his back bleeding and unable to get rid of the cat on his back. And the world looked on and repressed a smile because they knew what the giant did not know: the cat was full of fleas.
    But everybody pretended nothing was happening. Nobody wanted to further irritate the giant by reminding him of his foolishness.
    At the end of the long day, when the cat finally let go and the Giant limped home and went to bed, he realized his beard was now full of fleas which had come from the cat that wasn't even a tiger. The Giant had a very, very bad night's sleep.
    The next morning no one mentioned the incident to the Giant who was exhausted from the ordeal and still had many fleas to deal with. Everybody pretended it never happened because there was no point in reminding the Giant of his foolishness as he had shown a long history of not learning from his mistakes.
    The rest of the world knew discretion is the better part of valor and the best remedy for flea bites is a little ointment sold cheaply in any small store. The Giant was big but not very bright. And the rest of the world knew it.
    End of story.
    Copyright Alfonso González, January 2007