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These are some causes and organizations I support within my modest means because I consider them worthwhile even if I do not totally agree with everything they say or do.  I would urge everyone to support causes they believe in, whatever they may be, because this world is greatly in need of improvement.


WWF logo  World Wildlife Fund   As you can see, I support a number of environmental groups.  WWF does a much needed job to help save wildlife everywhere.


Greenpeace logo  Greenpeace I do not always agree with everything Greenpeace says or does and I have sometimes written to tell them. I believe they are sometimes too antagonistic to business but, nevertheless, I always support them as I believe the provide a necessary check and control against pollution and other negative things.

Nature Conservancy logo  The Nature Conservancy   Their aim is also the preservation of nature and I like their non-confrontational approach.


Amnesty International logo  Amnesty International   I do not agree on everything with Amnesty International but I do always support them as I believe in the universality of human rights and dignity.  I cannot accept the theory that human rights are a concept of western culture which have no place in Asian or African cultures.  People everywhere are entitled to freedom and to be treated with dignity.
    (2004) I wrote the previous paragraph four or five years ago with China in mind but, while the Human Rights situation is slowly improving in China, the same thing cannot be said about other countries where the situation is deteriorating. The last two years have been an enormous disaster for Human Rights. The American war of aggression in Iraq which has cost the limbs and lives of thousands of innocents, the tortures and other abuses being done by the American government in Guantanamo, Iraq and other places are a huge setback for the cause of Human Rights everywhere. These Human Rights abuses by the US government validate and endorse similar Human Rights abuses by the governments of other countries. The USA has lost all moral authority and credibility on the issue of Human Rights. Many Americans choose to ignore or support these acts and even European governments are looking the other way and ignoring the crimes being committed as a matter of convenience. It is disgusting and utterly immoral and the damage being done will take decades to repair. The work of organizations like the Red Cross and Amnesty International is needed now more than ever.



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 Western Sahara This is an absolute disgrace about which, as a Spaniard, I feel very strongly. Spain should be ashamed in our responsibility in this problem.
    The Western Sahara is a desertic country sparsely populated by nomadic tribes. It is rich in phosphates and was the last Spanish colony in Africa. In 1975, with General Franco very sick and a very unstable and weak political situation in Spain, Morocco claimed the Western Sahara and sent a "civilian" invasion. Under the circumstances the Spanish military did not dare use force against this invasion and just retreated and let Morocco from the north and, later, Mauritania from the south take over the territory and split it among themselves.
Map of Western Sahara     The Saharawi people formed the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), evacuated the women, children and elderly to refugee camps in southern Algeria and the men organized an armed resistance called Polisario Front. Mauritania very soon realized they had not acquired some free territory but rather a war and very soon renounced their claim to the southern part. Immediately Morocco took over that part as well and claimed the entire Western Sahara. For 25 years the Saharawi people have lived in exile in refugee camps and the Polisario has fought a guerrilla war with Moroccan forces.
    In the meanwhile the rest of the world couldn't care less about these people who have lost their country. This is a great shame and the responsibility for this falls on many shoulders. Spain, as colonial power, has not honored its responsibility to ensure self determination for the people of the Western Sahara. Morocco, of course, but one cannot expect a government which does not respect its own people to have any respect for another people. The United States who has sold the freedom of the Saharawis by supporting Morocco in this situation in exchange for military bases in Morocco. What a shame! And, finally, the United Nations who have approved many times a referendum for the self-determination of the Saharawis while letting it be blocked by Morocco and without actually doing anything to see that it actually happens. Shame on the UN! In the meanwhile, Morocco keeps settling Moroccan people in the Sahara so that if a referendum ever takes place there will be more Moroccans than Saharauis. (By the way, this is what China is doing in Tibet: settling Chinese by the thousands in Tibet).


Tibet logo  International Campaign for Tibet China invaded Tibet in 1949 and since then has occupied it and repressed the liberties of the Tibetan people, many of which died or were forced into exile.  One form of repression is the curtailment of the freedom to practice their religion which China tries to control. I am not a religious person but I believe freedom of religion should be respected everywhere including Tibet and the rest of China. This site has historical information on this subject.
Click here for a brief historical summary of Tibet's efforts for independence
Click here to access the web site of the Tibetan Government in exile.


WETA logo  WETA Public TV & Radio One of my favorite TV stations. I especially enjoy some British comedies like Fawlty Towers and Keeping Up Appearances.



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