Alfonso González Díez

Born: 1 Jan 1920, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Died: 13 Oct 1993, London, UK

(In pictures with more than one person he is always the one in the center.)

AGD class photo at Ecole Sainte-Marie Grand-Lebrun, Bourdeaux
From a class photo at Ecole Sainte-Marie Grand-Lebrun, Bourdeaux.
I am not sure of the date but I estimate his age as 15~16 (?).


AGD very young
I have no idea about this one. The stamp says "Madrid-Norte"....


AGD in war
Here he is serving during the Spanish civil war 1936 - 1939


AGD in war
Another picture of him during the war.


AGD young
This picture is dated 25 August 1945 so he was aged 25.


AGD as a student
He studied industrial engineering in Madrid with the Jesuits at ICAI.
These two are clippings of class pictures.


AGD in pub with friends
I have no idea where this picture was taken but he was, obviously, having a good time.


AGD wedding
His wedding at age 31



His father and my grandfather
Pedro Nolasco González Gordon
Pedro Nolasco González Gordon
30 Jan 1878 - 4 Feb 1967

Autor: Alfonso Gonzalez Vespa