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    Ensoniq AudioPCI S5016 User Manual

    I got this Ensoniq AudioPCI card with my first Windows computer in 1987 and I was very satisfied with it so it has migrated along to my newer systems.
    In January 1998, Ensoniq Corp. was acquired by Creative Technology Ltd and the cards were sold as Creative AudioPCI but also the S5016 chip was later replaced by the ES1371 and ES1373. Later Creative just dropped the AudioPCI cards in favor of their own Sound Blaster.
    I have scanned the original Ensoniq AudioPCI S5016 User Manual (44 pages).

Ensoniq Audio PCI Manual, Audiopci S5016 manual

TIFF, file size 1204 KB, 44 pages.
MS-WORD 97 DOC.  File size 1829 KB. It is formatted as 44 pages so that you can print four pages (A5) on an A4 sheet then fold them and make a booklet. Each page contains the scan of the original page so it is all in TIFF graphic format, no text. Email me if you prefer this format.

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