The Liangs' Garden in Foshan

    This is a complex of buildings and gardens which used to be the residence of the Liangs' extended family, wealthy residents of Foshan.  It was built over a forty year period in the first half of the 19th century by two generations of Liangs, uncles and nephews.
    The buildings and garden fell into disrepair With the advent of the Republic in the early 20th century and were further damaged after the triumph of the communist revolution. It was not until the 1980s that some restoration work was begun and only by the mid 1990s that substantial restoration was done.
    Both the gardens and the buildings are well worth the visit.  The gardens are a good example of exquisite oriental gardens and landscaping while the buildings are also good example of traditional Cantonese homes of the wealthy.  They are a beautiful oasis of quiet and peace in the middle of ugly and bustling Foshan.
    Google Earth: Click here or enter 23.04073 113.10751   Note that the entrance is from the broad avenue on the east side and is somewhat hidden from view.

The residence has its own religious shrine near the entrance.

Some of the buildings contain an exhibition of old pornographic drawings and paintings.
In some we can see group sex and even lesbian scenes but what I found remarkable is that
in all of them the men appear to be quite feminine, or, maybe, they represent young boys.