I was deported from the USA!
    Deportado de Estados Unidos!



Old pages which used to be hosted at Geocities
My Gordon genealogy

A Letter to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard
General Martínez Campos in Cuba
Moro Crater Massacre (Phillipines, 1906)
El Ciudadano Iscariote Reclús  (In Spanish)
Vida del capitán Alonso de Contreras
Biografía de Quevedo
El problema del agua en España
El juego de La Aduana
The White Horse game, also known as Bell and Hammer game
Subtitles for several movies
Andalusia, not what you think.
Muslims are the new Jews

Pages about computers, software, networks, etc.
Simple and easy file encryption
My wifi LAN local network
Mi red local wifi
How to enable wifi channels 12 & 13 when travelling.
KWorld DVBT-100 PCI tuner A crappy product
Connecting a router to a Verizon Westell 6100 DSL modem-router.
How to free disk space marked as allocated when CHKDSK reports a disk is corrupted
Computer antitheft device
How to check if the speakers are in phase
Ensoniq AudioPCI S5016 User Manual
Using NetMeeting
Using Imaging for Windows with Windows XP
Using Adobe Photodeluxe with Windows XP
    (Correcting the "Not Enough Memory" error.)
Pages about electronics.
Building an ESR meter for electrolytic capacitors.
Construcción de un medidor de ESR para condensadores.
Adjustable 24 V, 4 A, Laboratory Linear Power Supply.
Adjustable 30 V, 5 A, Laboratory Linear Power Supply.
Uninterruptible 12 V power supply with floating lead-acid battery
How I built a frequency counter
Simple low frequency sine signal generator
How to build a converter from 230 V, 50 Hz to 115 V, 60 Hz.
Electronic ballast for CFL compact fluorescents.
Low voltage fluorescent emergency lighting
Keypad electronic access control, electronic lock.
Haicom HI-303III GPS receiver.
How to build a data cable for a Garmin Etrex GPS.
How to build an infrared remote control extender.
Dell adapter for Latitude, Inspiron and other laptops
Repair of a Best Buy DVB-T TDT tuner. (They are crap.)
Clarivox stereo audio amplifier 2 x 18 W
Reparación de TV Clarivox Z96XM-30AX
Repair of a laptop switching power supply PSA104
Repair of a laptop switching power supply PSA105
Reparación de fuente conmutada de grabador Siemens Gigaset M740 AV
Project for a switching 220V to 110 V adapter PSA220
Proposal for a new type of PC power supply UPSU
Victor 6243+ inductance meter.
Transistor datasheets.
Circuit with relays to combine turn and brake lights for a trailer

Pages on other technical matters:
Central Hidroeléctrica de Belmonte de Miranda
Central Hidroeléctrica de Grandas de Salime
Locomotora de vapor de la calle Hiedra, junto a la estación de Chamartín.
Despiece Vespa 125 Primavera NK-PK
Loan and mortgage analysis and comparison
How to convert decimal fractions to binary
Designing and building a model Enigma machine
The Apollo Space Program
Build a simple iPad stand.
How I built a bird house.
Caldera de gas para calefacción y agua caliente sanitaria
Tankless water heater for sanitary water and space heating
How I installed an Air Conditioning system, June 2004
Wood-burning stoves
Como evitar los malos olores en el cuarto de baño
    (Breves lociones de fontanería aplicada.)
"Shave and a haircut two bits" & "Let's go" riffs

Pages related to sailing and navigation:
Sailing Lore of the days of old
The Four Lives of the Godspeed
Rounding Cape Horn in a Windjammer  (National Geographic 1931 article)
A short history of Celestial Navigation,
Breve Historia de la Navegación Astronómica,
Breve Historia de los Instrumentos de Navegación Marina,
History of nautical navigation instruments
Great Circle Sailing,
Sight Reduction by the Marcq St. Hilaire method
Piloting and dead reckoning
Vessel Stability
Did the movie Titanic show a mistake?

Pages related to travel and places:
¿Donde estaba situada la gasolinera de Puerta de Hierro?
¿Donde estaba situado el Viaducto del Aire?
¿Donde estaba situada la Gran Vía de San Francisco?
¿Dónde estaba el Estadio Metropolitano del Atlético de Madrid?
¿Dónde estaba situado el Campamento de Móstoles?
The old Kowloon Walled City
Tarifas y molestias excesivas para sacar visado para China en Madrid
I was deported from the USA!
Deportado de Estados Unidos!
My trip to Huelva in December 2001
Cantonese Opera rehersals, Washington DC, November 2002
Chinese puppets in Madrid
Photos of my visit to China 2004
Photos of Atocha train station after the bombs of March 11, 2004
Demonstration against Partido Popular in Madrid, 13 March 2004
Political Parties running in Madrid for the elections on 14 March 2004
Madrid illuminated for the wedding of prince Felipe, May 2004
Fire at an electric substation, Madrid July 2004
Windsor Building Fire, Madrid 13 Feb 2005
Chinese New Year, Madrid 28 Feb 2006
Chinese restaurants in Madrid
Restaurantes chinos en Madrid
China Ocean Restaurant in Plano, Texas.





    About this web site
    I am sorry about this disorderly mish-mash of pages. This site hosts a conglomerate of pages which were hosted at different sites I had over the years at Geocities and other free hosting services and I have just thrown them together here.  Maybe one day I will get around to organizing them and giving this site a better structure but it may be that if that day comes I might just delete entire sections as unworthy.  In the meanwhile this site remains like the shoebox full of old photographs which one never got around to organizing or placing in a proper album but where once in a while one likes to rumage if only for a trip down memory lane.  Maybe among all the junk you can find something useful or an entertaining tidbit.
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